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Top 10 Advanced Materials Solutions Companies - 2022


Advanced Materials can be used in a wide variety of areas from lighter, more agile aircraft and emerging hypersonic systems, to personal protection equipment and hostile environments where risks and damage can be reduced using protective solutions. The most disruptive effects are expected to come from the integration of functions such as energy harvesting, camouflage, structural and personnel health monitoring.

Li-ion batteries (LIB) are emerging as crucial for energy storage. The increasing growth of LIB-powered electric vehicles resulted in advancements in lithium-ion technologies and a steady decline in the prices of lithium-based batteries.

While Li-ion batteries have gained more popularity than other battery energy storage technologies, when considering its wide-scale deployment in electric vehicles, unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) and on the electricity grid, the introduction of graphene could revolutionize the way energy storage technology is utilized.

Graphene is nothing but a carbon-based material, which is merely one atom thick and can be used to make batteries, which are lightweight, durable and applicable in high capacity energy storage, and they charge rapidly. Recently, researchers from the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) and Seoul National University’s School of Chemical and Biological Engineering collaborated to design a graphene coating for Li-ion batteries to enhance charging speeds five-fold and increase battery capacity by making it 45 percent more energy dense.

Next-generation robots are expected to provide manufacturing companies with new options to improve their efficiency and tackle challenges such as high costs and skilled workers. In the years to come, it is expected that robots working directly and in collaboration with humans in a production environment will increase the use of soft robots that use pneumatics instead of mechanical power, reduce energy requirements and increase safety in general.

The use of robots in the Industry 4.0 environment, which focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data, will increasingly lead to a “turn off the lights” or “dark factory” production concept in which activities and material flows are handled entirely automatically.

We present to you, “Top 10 Advanced Materials Solutions Providers – 2022.”

    Top Advanced Materials Solutions Companies

  • Since 1990, American Elements has been instrumental in enabling numerous fundamental technological breakthroughs, owing to its ability to cost-effectively scale lab top successes to industrial scale production. American Elements manufactures water and gas atomized, spherical metallic and spray-dried ceramic powders with consistent microstructure and tightly controlled morphology tailored as per the unique requirements of customers.

  • Epic Advanced materials is helping industries realize the potential applications of BNNTs in various applied sectors by leveraging the collective power of patented machines and processes, exclusive R&D, and groundbreaking technologies improving quality control in nanomaterial synthesis. By doing so, Epic Advanced Materials is also manufacturing materials that do not suffer from metal catalyst contamination, structural defects, or inefficient reactant conversion. But it is the company’s proprietary AI-driven process optimization platform that ensures the consistent quality of its nanomaterial products. Powered by machine learning and computer vision applications, the platform expedites laboratory-proven, high-sensitivity synthesis processes that help manufacturers explore the vast parameter spaces common in nanomaterial synthesis and scale its adoption across manifold industries.

  • Fluoropolymer Resources (FRL) is the leader in melt fluoropolymer recycling technology and the preeminent melt fluoropolymer reprocessor in the Americas. Possessing unique capabilities for cleaning and restructuring even the most highly contaminated scraps, FRL supplies high quality reprocessed and prime virgin FEP, PFA, and ETFE for use in critical applications—across the chemical processing, heat control, petrochemical, oil and gas exploration, wire and cable, and cast film industries.

  • MITO Material Solutions started in 2018 after receiving a National Science Foundation SBIR grant to fund the development and commercialization ofhybrid polymer additives. Their initial offering was hybridized Graphene Oxide and an Epoxide POSS, which was dubbed “E-GO”. This additive allows fiber-reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic consumers to increase product performance anywhere between 20-135 percent. Further, it ensures increased part durability and reduces the component weight by 35 percent. E-GO provides chemical and physical bonding points within the graphene matrix itself. When MITO’S additives are mixed into resins, plastics, coatings, or adhesives, they provide the physical properties and structure of graphene - which is an amorphous platelet or crystalline platelet - and the possibility for a chemical reaction with epoxides.

  • ONEJOON has maintained its leadership position as the manufacturer of purpose build, turnkey high-temperature industrial kilns and furnaces. The company ensures accurate temperature and atmosphere control in its furnaces, enabling clients to seamlessly industrialize special materials, novel materials, and high-performance components. Currently, ONEJOON represents itself in five countries, including Germany, Poland, Korea, China, and the U.S. This global footprint allows the company to tailor its solutions specifically for each market.

  • Schlegel Electronic Materials is a leader in manufacturing EMI shielding and thermal management materials that protect sensitive electronics. Schlegel’s high-performance products include innovative Fabric Over Foam Gaskets, I/O backplane shielding gaskets, Conductive Elastomers, RF Absorber Materials, and other enclosure gasketing and board-level shielding products that enable the computer, telecommunications, military, medical, and electronics industries to meet global requirements for electromagnetic compatibility. In addition, the company’s talented team of material science experts ensures improved protection, higher performance and reliability, custom structural designs, and, importantly, improved speed to market. Unlike other organizations with 25-26 weeks- lead times, Schlegel sends out samples for prototypes and engineering builds within 1-2 weeks with production lead times of 4-5 weeks.

  • Hanwha Advanced Materials America

    Hanwha Advanced Materials America

    Hanwha Advanced Materials America offers an impressive array of lightweight and fuel-efficient products, including materials such as StrongLite (GMT), SuperLite (LWRT) and BuffLite (EPP). They also supply a diverse lineup of high quality parts, including PVC and TPO leathers, bumper beams, seat structures, underbody shields, headliners and interior trim panels made of PVC or TPU PMC.

  • Makevale Group

    Makevale Group

    Makevale Group has two manufacturing sites in the UK, one in Asia and distribution centres in the USA and China. Their global reach allows them to export to more than 100 countries all over the world. Their distribution centres also source and supply a range of specialty chemicals for a wide range of industries.

  • Mersen


    Mersen is a global expert in electrical specialties and advanced materials for high-tech industries. With more than 50 industrial sites and 18 R&D centers in 35 countries around the world, Mersen develops customized solutions and delivers key products to its clients in order to meet the new technological challenges shaping tomorrow’s world.

  • Wolverine Advanced Materials

    Wolverine Advanced Materials

    Wolverine Advanced Materials is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance materials. Their core competency is in performance-critical, specialty elastomer-coated metals that offer damping and sealing solutions in the Automotive Brake NVH, and Sealing industries. Extensive industry knowledge and innovative materials have made Wolverine a desired and trusted global supplier for over 80 years.