Top 10 Advanced Materials Solution Companies - 2019
Oav Air Bearings: When Aerospace Technology Met Mechanical Engineering

Top 10 Advanced Materials Solution Companies - 2019

Changes are sweeping the world of manufacturing as advanced materials and innovative production technologies are maturing. Remarkable advances in technology in the advanced materials landscape has been made in the past 25 years. Opening a promising avenue in the manufacturing marketplace are the new structural materials—metals, ceramics, polymers, and their composites. Dealing with a wide range of various production processes and products, the manufacturing industries demand sustainability and durability, which leads to the development of advanced technologies. Development of new advanced materials can be time-consuming and financially liable; hence, the industries resort to tweaking their existing materials to create new ones with advanced capabilities.

In the wake of these technology transitions, we are glad to feature top companies that are continually proving their mettle in the field of advanced materials solutions with several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up their sleeves. OAV Air Bearings is manufacturing the recently advanced air bearing technology with a commitment to provide its customers with the most precise bearing system available, spread over many existing and emerging markets around the world. In addition, the company has combined its past experience with the modern technologies and implemented military spec materials including aluminum, titanium, and graphite in producing state of the art OAV Air Bearing products. Another firm, Novation IQ, is developing disruptive technologies and advanced material that enable faster, better, and greener​solutions such as foams, films, fabrication, alternative energy, hybrid engines, and cancer therapies.

Adding value to the advanced materials manufacturing space is Kyma Technologies, a supplier of wide bandgap semiconductor (WBGS) and ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor (UWBGS) materials for next-generation lighting and power electronics applications. Walking the same road is Park Systems, a global manufacturer of atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems with a complete range of products for researchers and industry engineers in chemistry, materials, physics, life sciences, semiconductor and data storage industries. Providing highest data accuracy at nanoscale resolution, superior productivity, and lowest operating cost, Park’s products are used by over a thousand institutions and corporations worldwide. Another featured company, Thomas Swan, as a chemical manufacturer, operates across three divisions—advanced materials, performance chemicals, and custom manufacturing. Being independent, this company takes an innovative approach to develop cutting edge technology while providing a quality, reliable service.

With the digital manufacturing techniques gaining adoption, the manufacturers are discovering new ways to compete, innovate, and grow profitably even as they face challenges from volatile energy costs, workforce shortages, proliferating regulations, and a host of evolving risks. Meanwhile, industries that are enabled by advanced materials are particularly well poised to capture value in current global markets through the development of new functional solutions to address global unmet wants and needs.

We hope the issue of Manufacturing Technology Insights helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to enable technology-driven advanced materials.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Advanced Materials Solution Providers 2019.”

    Top Advanced Materials Solution Companies

  • Kyma Technologies aims to provide innovators with prototypes at an attractive cost. Being known for its work in III-nitride epitaxy design and fabrication schemes, Kyma has introduced a device fabrication service for small scale business entities and university researchers. Working extensively in the sphere of field-effect transistors (FETs), Schottky barrier diodes, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), photocathodes and novel sensors using various materials including GaN, InGaN and AIGaN, the company fabricate all types of semiconductor devices. Kyma has several successful projects to its credit in the field of power electronics with numerous small and large commercial device manufacturers and prime defense contractors in their esteemed client roster

  • While several industries are standing neck and neck in the foam revolution, Novation iQ, an advanced material manufacturer, has taken a step further in dedicating a significant part of its efforts to foam-based R&D. Novation iQ takes pride in leading this race through its innovation center. Team Novation iQ’s core values lie in not just manufacturing materials based on client specifications, rather exceeding the client expectations through our blue-sky thinking. At their innovation center, they blend expertise and creativity to continuously improve the properties of materials, such as rubber and foam, while sometimes building them ground up

  • An air bearings manufacturer that provides the most precise bearing system and unique air bearing products by implementing aerospace precision and military spec materials. One of the leading advanced materials solution providers, OAV Air Bearings (OAV) offers a patented line of air bearings that come with a near-infinite operating life. By eliminating mechanical contact between elements, OAV’s military-quality air bearings suffer from virtually zero wear-and-tear. OAV’s product line—roller air bearings, air bushings, air bearing bars, linear slide assemblies, and industrial components—is exported to over 70 countries across the world and also available online

  • Brings the world’s most accurate and wide range of nanoscale metrology and imaging instruments to a broad market of materials science, electronics, life science, nanotechnology, and other areas of research and industry. While the best quality and data-rich images have been a hallmark of Park’s AFMs from the beginning, the company has followed this reputation up with its line of ADR AFMs. Any technician can start the ADR AFMs and attend other tasks while the AFMs self-operate with unprecedented level of accuracy including 3D imagery and detailed topographic information of even the smallest defects. The ADR AFMs are also ‘non-contact’ review tools, which allow users to take repeated measurements while preserving tip sharpness and not damaging the sample surface. This allows for better and more accurate scans and reduces required maintenance

  • Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. holds a rich heritage in custom chemical production, which dates back to 1926 when it was founded as an independent chemical manufacturing company. Over the years, the organization has evolved and expanded into the production of advanced materials such as 2D graphene and boron nitride. The challenge of providing pristine single-layer, defect-free graphene, and the ability to produce quality volumes of graphene for real-world application remains a discussion point for academics and industrialists. Thomas Swan, leveraging their vast experience and expertise in advanced materials, has successfully perfected the art of creating graphene materials to fit their customers’ demands

  • Tundra is a material additive company that enables the manufacturing of a wide spectrum of composites. This high loading process is achieved by the polymerization of TundraKoat™ on a particle and compounding with various polymers. Tundra Companies have set a new benchmark when it comes to manufacturing advanced composite materials with their proprietary coating technology, TundraKoat™

  • Celanese Corporation

    Celanese Corporation

    Celanese produces chemical products that are rare or intermediate. The company offers apparel linings, polymers used in automotive parts, consumer products, food ingredients, packaging, and many more. Celanese has customers all over the world. With sales nearly equally split between North America, Europe, and Asia, the company uses the full scope of its international experience in chemistry, engineering, and industry to create value for consumers and the company. Celanese customer works to address their most essential needs while having a positive effect on their communities and the world

  • Solvay


    Solvay is an innovative chemical corporation committed to the production of chemistry that solves critical societal challenges. In many different end-markets, Solvay innovates and works with customers around the world. The services are used in aircraft, vehicles, batteries, smart and medical equipment, mineral and oil and gas production, improving efficiency, and sustainability. It's light weighting materials encourage sustainable mobility, maximize resource utilization through its formulations, and enhance air and water quality through its performance chemicals



    Toray Group is an integrated group of chemicals industry that operates in 26 countries and regions around the world. Toray Group uses organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biotechnology as its core technologies to integrate nanotechnology into its operations. In addition to the Foundation Fibers & Textiles and Plastics & Chemicals Businesses, Toray is also supporting the global development of IT-related products, carbon fiber composite materials, pharmaceuticals, and medical products, climate, and engineering, including water treatment and developments in other key business areas

  • Umicore


    Umicore is a recycling and material engineering company. It focuses on application areas where it makes a real difference to its experience in materials science, chemistry, and metallurgy. Three business groups coordinate their activities: catalysis, power & surface technology, and recycling. In renewable technologies such as vehicle catalysts and rechargeable battery materials, Umicore has made significant investments. That business group is divided into market-oriented business units that provide materials and solutions that are at the cutting edge of new technological innovations and that are important for everyday life