Makevale Group: Next Generation Solutions

Makevale Group: Next Generation Solutions

Dr. Sam Ahir, CEO , Makevale GroupDr. Sam Ahir, CEO
The high-performance acrylic polymers manufacturer Makevale Group is zealous about exceeding client expectations and fanatical about breaking things in its backyard. The company carries out blue sky research wherein about half of those projects, stretched over a few weeks to many years, fail to deliver expected results. And the successful projects have proven to bring game changing impact to different industries. Using the new findings from these research instances, the company creates disruptive materials that will allow its clients to develop disruptive products in their industry. “Our clients like us because our chemistry brings new possibilities, and they can be difficult to replicate,” says Dr. Sam Ahir, CEO of Makevale Group,

This has been possible because ten percent of Makevale’s employees have a Ph.D. in the physical sciences, and one-third of its staff has a strong chemistry background and is spread across management and technical departments. What’s more, most of these experts are not only high on knowledge but also rich in their experience of working in a production environment. And this has helped the company develop breakthrough ideas that are not only extremely important to solving the real-world problems of the various industries but also are scalable in terms of their production. Something which many innovators in the industry fail to achieve. “We don’t offer clients our innovations which cannot be scaled for production,” says Dr. Ahir. Completing the circle of their expertise is their nuanced understanding of the regulatory aspects that make the company a go-to partner for developing raw materials or specific products related to acrylic polymers.

Apart from its expertise, Makevale stands out in the market for its nimble and agile business strategy. The company offers customized services with faster lead times that allow clients to develop profitable products quickly.

We don’t offer clients our innovations which cannot be scaled for production

Unlike its competitors, Makevale maintains a strong supply chain network and steady access to resources through which it delivers products on time.

At the outset of client engagement, Makevale strives to understand client requirements in terms of the specific properties they are looking for in the material. After a series of iterations and client feedback on the samples produced, the company moves into production as per the volume requested by the client. In some industries, testing laboratory and production grade samples can stretch for many years.

Makevale has been widely celebrated by many industries as the partner of choice for developing highly sophisticated materials, especially the dental industry. One of its medical clients wanted to develop an orthopaedic product that mandated the development of a new material. There were high regulatory and performance-related constraints, as well. Makevale started developing the material and had several interactions with the company for several years, during which they were not charged at all. “We never charge any company for the research we do for them until we have the deliverable ready,” says Dr. Ahir. At the end of the day, Makevale built the raw material that the company wanted by developing a number of new processes and precursors. Since then, it has been a successful product, so much so that the client’s value has multiplied by many degrees in its line of business.

Makevale has also been able to make a splash in the cosmetic nail care industry. One of its clients from the industry was suffering due to the supply issues because the incumbent manufacturers were not able to keep up with the demand. Not only did Makevale enter the industry, but it built the contacts and developed products that were far superior to the existing ones in the market.

Makevale retained all of its employees during the COVID-19 crisis, and this led to more positive energy in the firm, which has translated to better business results off late. The future looks bright and shining for Makevale as the company prepares to launch new and exciting products for different industries.

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Makevale Group

Makevale Group

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Dr. Sam Ahir, CEO

Makevale Group is an R&D enterprise that manufactures materials relevant many industries